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Maddy & Tim Wokingham

Before Kez's course, I felt super anxious and scared which made me less excited about pregnancy. I only imagined the worst due to the horror stories I had heard from friends along with the typical, painful labour scenes on TV. I had no idea of the process of labour. Since completing the course I feel I will be more in control and that the experience will actually be enjoyable rather than terrifying. I now know what my body is doing during surges, what breathing techniques and positions to use to ease the pain, what to pack in my hospital bag but more importantly, what options I have if faced with difficult questions or scenarios. The best part is that Kezia showed us some birthing videos which proved that applying hypnobirthing techniques can transform the journey into one that both myself and my partner can embrace. - Maddy

Hypnobirthing with Kezia was completely different to what I expected from ‘HYPNOBIRTHING’. If honest, I was a little sceptical before starting the course but after the first half hour I realised I was wrong in my preconceived ideas. Before starting the course, I was apprehensive and worried about labour – predominantly because I felt useless, unaware and unable to support my partner when she will need me most. Since completing the course I feel prepared and confident that I will be of help during the birthing journey. It’s given me more excitement about ‘the big day’ and I thank Kezia for helping us achieve this. - Tim

Rachel & Mark - Devon

I was anxious about how I might manage in labour, fearful about things going wrong, worried about how my husband might cope. I now feel reassured, better informed & pleased my husband has found it useful. I have had a complete 180 shift in my thinking from believing I could only safely labour under consultant care to considering and being signed off for a potential home birth (all being well).We've felt able to ask everything we wanted to and were unsure about, and weren't made to feel that any questions were silly or off limits. We also appreciate the resources you've sent, and the willingness to support after the course. - Rachel

I was very nervous and unsure about the whole process. I was worried for my partner and what she would go through, I didn’t feel like I had much of a role. Now I feel much more confident, we went full circle and ended up agreeing on a home birth. I learned what I role I have to play. We have a plan and if it goes off track, we are in control. The baby letter that Kezia read to us really touched me and made me think of not only the change for us but for our baby too. I would definitely recommend it! - Mark

Jenny & James - Wallingford

Before starting the course, I was confident that my body was designed to do this, but unsure
of the process and how uncomfortable/painful it would be! I am the kind of person who loves to read every book but hypnobirthing isn’t something you can learn from a book; it requires practice and discussion to truly understand and benefit from it.
Kezia was extremely knowledgeable and supportive from start to present, as she has made herself completely available to support us right up until the birth of our baby.  We covered breathing and relaxation techniques, which are essential to hypnobirthing and can’t be learned or experienced as well from a book alone, as well as all of the practical elements of labour, birth and the fourth trimester. The course was inspiring and comforting and we feel positive and confident to take on whatever my labour may bring as we move closer to our due date. Thank you Kezia! 
- Jenny

Before I found out about the hypnobirthing concept, I was quite scared and nervous about labour and birth. Kezia's course was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. As a birth partner, I learned a huge amount about the process of birth and how I can play an important role in helping the birth proceed calmly. Kezia was extremely knowledgeable and informative, while the course was a great range of discussion, videos and practice to learn the various hypnobirthing techniques.  I would strongly recommend Kezia and Oxfordshire Hypnobirthing to all future mothers and birth partners who are worried or anxious about what labour may bring. - James

Shannon & Johnny - Thatcham

I felt positive about having my home birth but I still had anxiety about things too. I learned so much on the course and gained so much confidence. I'm feeling super positive and happy. It's great to have someone I can ask my questions to and know that no question is stupid. The parts of the course that I found particularly helpful were learning what is normal after birth and what to look out for, breathing techniques, relaxation and what to pack in hospital bags! - Shannon

I wasn't sure what to expect from the course but I gained so much confidence and now I feel prepared and understand how to best support Shannon and I also know what is normal and whats not in terms on birth itself and in the days and weeks following. - Johnny

Charlie & Jack - Oxford

I was really nervous about the whole birthing experience. All you ever heard was negative stories which put you in a negative spiral. I feel so much more excited and relaxed about birth now, but you definitely get out what you put in! Kezia really put my mind at ease and really helped with using different techniques to find what worked for us. I really enjoyed looking through the birthing videos that Kezia shared with us, this was a totally new experience and everything was so calmed and chilled. Not what you first expect when you watch things on TV. I would 100% recommend anyone to do hypnobirthing if you are worried or scared about what is going to happen through birth and labour and how you can transform your mindset! - Charlie

The course was really insightful. Kezia really put my mind at ease on ways I can support my partner whilst in in labour. I learnt about how important the role I have to play and what I can do to help the birth experience be calm and relaxed. I would 100% recommend Kezia and Oxfordshire Hypnobirthing. She has been a great support. - Jack

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