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Birth Like A Mammal!

Embracing pregnancy can be hard... Not knowing what lies ahead with birth and life with a new baby can really distract us from our beautifully evolved bodies!

I've spent the last few months SO focused on work and this morning in bed, for the first time in my pregnancy, I had a good look at my growing and changing body.

I spent about half an hour just looking, feeling, breathing and communicating to the baby who's in there. How you doing kiddo? You good? Anything you need while you're in there? Of course I know the answers to these questions.

"I'm doing great, mum!"

"I just need you to keep doing what you're doing, spend time with me, relax and remember I know what I'm doing, I know how to grow and be born"

My Linea Negra is just about becoming visible Something that in my first pregnancy I found a bit weird or didn't like to see, but that's because I didn't have knowledge or respect for this amazing body of mine. Now I can't wait to see that mark of housing a baby, grow, darken and lengthen as my pregnancy moves forward.

The shape of my tummy changes on a daily basis, some days neat, some days bloated and round. Every day a miracle is taking place inside.

Watching my tummy rise and fall with each breath grounded me and reminded me of the fact that I'm just a mammal, carrying offspring.

Built for this.

And it's funny isn't it that we are the only mammal that knows we are a mammal... and the only mammal who has forgotten how to be a mammal and become afraid of the very thing that makes us so incredibly powerful!

Well let me tell you, we haven't forgotten how to be a mammal.

We haven't forgotten how to give birth like all other mammals.

It's in there. It's innate. It's in our blueprint. It's in your baby's blueprint too.

You just need to know how to remove and shut out all of the stories that tell you "you can't do it".

Go within trust, listen, tune in and respond.

No matter how, where or when your baby will be born. You have the power to make it the truly magical and special event that it is.

Are you embracing your pregnancy? Are you in awe of your body?

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