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Meet Kez

My Story

Hiya! I'm Kez, mum of 2, wife (of 1!), birth nerd, and eco conscious earth lover! Cloth nappies, loose leaf tea and fresh local produce is totally my vibe! And cheese... I LOVE cheese... almost as much as my children! I have had two wonderful births, one hospital birth and one freebirth. But primarily, I am a passionate and dedicated antenatal & hypnobirthing coach!


My journey began when I suffered with Tokophobia (fear of birth) in my first pregnancy. My mental health took a pretty serious dive as a result and I found myself in a dark place for the first few months of our pregnancy. I felt so guilty at the time for not being able to embrace or enjoy my pregnancy! It wasn't until I discovered hypnobirthing that I discovered that I could take steps to change how I felt about giving birth.  We booked a full in person course and never looked back. We listened. We learned. We watched. We practiced. We asked and we realised... this is actually really exciting! We can do this and my body is absolutely bossing it! My fears were born from lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown and loss of control. The course changed everything for us.

Despite my sons birth not going the way we had hoped, we were prepared for everything that came our way as it unfolded and we welcomed our little boy into the world (at the very peak of a global pandemic!!!) in a calm, peaceful and truly memorable way. These are memories we will cherish forever.


That's when I realised how badly we needed to know all this stuff! We used every tool & technique. We were so aware of what my body was doing & my husband was able to advocate for and support me so despite things going a bit off piste!

This enormous transformation that I went through was so powerful and so my fire was lit! I knew this was my calling, my purpose on this planet! To teach people about birth so they no longer have to fear it and can empower themselves and have the best birth possible! 

I have since had my second baby, a totally undisturbed freebirth at home with just my husband! It was wonderful! You can find the video HERE. It's just normal, boring and beautiful birth, as it happens. 

I'm so dedicated to spreading the message that birth works for the VAST majority of people, and for those that truly need the medical care available, their birth should still be beautiful, powerful and positive! We ALL deserve to have ecstatic births!

Kez X

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