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Be birth ready

Learn in person or online. Flexible and bespoke sessions to get the most from your sessions with me. Better births for all.

Based in Oxfordshire

Teaching in person in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire.

UK and worldwide courses available online.

Wide Range of Courses

Choose from a range of 5 star rated courses, each designed to be adapted to your needs. Full birth prep to power hours and everything in between.

Ongoing support

Private 1:1 support from booking to birth and beyond with every package.

Hey Beaut! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm Kez, founder of Oxfordshire Hypnobirthing. I'm a total birth nerd, mum of two, freebirther and shamelessly dedicated to making birth better!

Every person carrying a baby deserves a beautiful birth and every baby deserves the best possible entrance into the world.

I'm here to show you how! Because, believe it or not, a beautiful and powerful birth is possible for EVERYONE and EVERY BIRTH!

Whether you are exploring birth within or out of the maternity system, I am here to help. I specialise in autonomous and physiological birth which puts you at the front and centre of your choices and care. From choosing to decline NHS care completely to choosing a planned caesarean and anything in between, I'm here to support you to find the right path for YOU! Spend time to gain the confidence, clarity and trust you need to birth your way.

Another massive thank you for your awesome Hypnobirthing course. It really did save me from an overwhelming medical intervention and instead I had a super positive birthing experience!  I can not be anymore happy with how I bought my baby into the world and it’s thanks to all your education and passion for bringing the hypnobirthing ability to life for so many expecting mums.- Marnie

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So, What Is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal preparation course. Known for being a bit "hippie", it's important to know that it doesn't matter where you sit on the "spiritual spectrum" to benefit from hypnobirthing! It really is for everyone!


Hypnobirthing is super practical and logical. At its core, it is the science of birth. Birthology, if you will! The science, evidence & facts shared in class will have you feeling more knowledgeable and informed, while the practical tools and techniques that you will take away from each session will leave you feeling calm, confident and powerful!

Another common misconception is that Hypnobirthing IS a "type" of birth. Only for those planning to give birth at home or in a birth pool. Well this is a myth!

Hypnobirthing is for ALL births! For ALL parents! No matter when, where or how your labour & birth unfolds, this skill set, understanding of birth and getting to grips with practices within the maternity system will help you to remain in control throughout your journey. 

Having completed the class we both feel much more confident in how we can create the birth we want, even if things outside of our control change. That's the main thing I'd say, is hypnobirthing gives you confidence - it has changed my mindset on birth to one of excitement, and as birth partner my partner is more aware of the impact his role in birth can have, and the fact that he does have a role to play! Would highly recommend! - Rachel & Dan

Why Choose Hypnobirthing?

Because, despite fearing birth being the norm, it bloody well shouldn't be! We live in a time where physiological birth is hard to come by and birth trauma and interventions are on the rise. Our maternity system is, as you may well already know, at breaking point with underfunding, understaffing and under a lot of pressure, this is causing a lot of problems in the world of birth. The medical model of care just isn't set up to support physiological birth and a conveyor belt system seems to be the way of getting women/birthing people and their babies in and out as quickly as possible, not always as safely and as happily as possible.


Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the NHS and what it has to offer for those who truly need medical care during pregnancy, labour & birth but we have reached a point where the fear of "too little, too late" has pushed us towards a "too much, too soon" approach with interventions. Birth is a mystical and magical thing that knows no time.


Patience and understanding is vital and it starts with you learning about and trusting your incredible body & baby! For the vast majority of people, birth, when left alone, works beautifully! And for the few who need the medical care, an understanding of physiology and birthing hormones will help to make their experience one to remember for all of the right reasons!

With the knowledge and confidence gained from hypnobirthing you will be able to choose your place of birth based on evidence, fact and from a place of knowing rather than from a place of fear. For example "I'm choosing to give birth in hospital, just in case" or "I don't want a home birth in case something goes wrong" are decisions based on fear based on fear. There is no right or wrong place to give birth but the likelihood of you achieving the birth you dream of begins with choices based on good information and the proper support. 

How Does Hypnobirthing Reduce Pain?

Did you know that hypnobirthing is a recognised method of pain relief? It's true! I know you're thinking "How does learning about birth make it less painful?!" 

Well here's a very brief run down!

Right now, you're probably feeling a bit anxious, or maybe even terrified about birth, this is normal, because we fear what we do not know or understand. Most parents are in a place of fear when it comes to giving birth (I certainly was the 1st time round!). This fear has a physical impact on your body and muscles, think tension, shallow breathing, increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, etc. These are physical reactions to fear and adrenalin. These all impact on the efficiency and smooth unfolding of birth. Tension in the uterus muscle prevents it from working comfortably and effectively, thus causing pain. And of course higher blood pressure, increased heart rate and breathlessness can all cause difficulty and complications...

So imagine, when you understand, trust and are fully prepared for birth, you've got the knowledge, you've done the work and your mind is calm, at ease! Your breathing is steady, your heart rate and blood pressure are normal and stable and your muscles are relaxed... your uterus has a good supply of oxygen filled blood and is free to work in they way its designed to. A more comfortable experience all round don't ya think! 

Kez provides such an informative, warm, positive and person-centred service that my partner and I don’t know where we would be had we not taken all we learned and applied it throughout my pregnancy, labour and postpartum! I highly recommend hypnobirthing as a technique for a positive and well informed birthing experience. - Megan & Nate

Benefits Of Hypnobirthing...

Other than giving you the emotional freedom to embrace and enjoy your pregnancy... and totally boss your birth, here are some real life stats that show the true benefits of hypnobirthing:

  • Proven to ​decrease the need for medical pain relief in labour

  • Labour can be up to 3 hours shorter

  • Known to increase the chance of spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Proven to reduce stress hormones

  • Proven to reduce medical intervention 

  • Proven to reduce the chance of an unplanned cesarean birth

  • Birth partners feel more confident, prepared and aware of their role

  • When assisted (forceps/ventouse) or caesarean births are medically necessary, surgery is often speedier, recovery quicker and complications less likely with the use of hypnobirthing.

When Should I Do My Hypnobirthing Course?

The sooner the better! Before you reach 30 weeks is ideal. The course runs for a number of weeks and in each session you will be given new tools and techniques to work on and practice together with your birth partner. The more time that you have to get to grips with things like breathing techniques, massage and mindset work, the better. 

However, I know that many people stumble upon hypnobirthing later in their pregnancy, if that is you, don't fret! I am able to offer condensed or tailored courses to make sure you have everything you need in the time you have! It's never too late to learn about birth and any knowledge is far better than none at all. Get in touch to have a chat about your circumstances and I'll be more than happy to help get you birth ready!

Kezia has really helped us to prepare for the birth of our second baby. We wanted something bespoke and that fitted in around our busy lives with a toddler, and Kezia was incredibly accommodating and created a bespoke programme for us that covered everything we need. Thank you Kezia! Highly recommend! - Fleur & Guy

What If My Birth Partner
Is Sceptical?

I hear you... and trust me, many birth partners come along to my course digging their heels in and making sure I know that they are NOT interested in what I am about to share with them! Yet, when they leave the course even after the first session... they are enlightened!


Typically birth partners can feel useless at their loved ones births. This is because much of what we see and hear about birth partners, both on TV or in society involves a birth partner often either sat out of the way on their phone or standing at mums side in a state of shock not knowing what to do to help!


Most birth partners WANT to be able to help, but don't believe there is anything they can do as it's "not me having the baby!". Well, I am here to show your birth partner EXACTLY what they can do to help and how vital their involvement is! 


Birth partners can make or break your experience so having them clued up, on board and ready to be the keeper of the cave and dedicated advocate is key. My course brings you together to work towards becoming a formidable team! Communication, connection and understanding will be worked on over the weeks, along with practical hands on tools, so that by the time you're ready to fledge the birth nerd nest, you are deeply supported by the person who will be by your side both physically and mentally as you dig deep to bring your baby earth side.

I thought it would be a load of rubbish but it was actually quite useful! - Dan

The course was really insightful. Kezia really put my mind at ease on ways I can support my partner whilst she is in labour. I learnt about how important the role I have to play is and what I can do to help the birth experience be calm and relaxed. - Jack

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