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and congratulations on your pregnancy!


“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement,

not your greatest fear." —Jane Weideman

"After attending a popular antenatal course in our first pregnancy, we still felt there was more to know and more that we could and should be doing to mentally and physically prepare for the birth of our baby. We were scared and wanted to find a better way to prepare ourselves. That's when we discovered hypnobirthing and oh boy did it change how we felt about birth, not to mention how we actually gave birth!


I felt excited! Empowered, positive and really prepared for whatever our birth had in store for us. Like most births, ours didn't "go to plan" but we were armed with an incredible toolkit and skill set to navigate the changes we faced with confidence and with calmness. Our birth, although not "perfect" was gentle, euphoric, peaceful and fully under our control.

After seeing and feeling the incredible difference this knowledge makes, I found my calling, my destiny and my passion. Supporting others on their journey into parenthood and creating a range of comprehensive and accessible courses for anyone and everyone looking for a better way to birth!


You've got this!    Kez X

Why choose Oxfordshire Hypnobirthing?

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So many reasons!

Firstly, I found my calling to teach hypnobirthing by going through some of my darkest days in my own pregnancy due to deep rooted fear. As a result, I know exactly how you may currently be feeling about giving birth to your baby and I want you to know that these feelings can be transformed into confidence, joy and excitement. I know this because I did it myself. Because of this, I am extremely passionate, committed and dedicated to providing you, your family and your baby everything you need for an experience you can look back on with pride and happiness.

The extraordinary set of skills and preparation changed my entire mindset, my birth and now, my entire life! I am here to to share it all with you. 

Not only do I have lived experience, but I have a range of engaging courses to inform, guide and empower you to a calm and beautiful birth.

Opening up your mind to what is possible and passing on the knowledge and practical tools that you can use no matter where or how your give birth.

I provide all of my families with friendly, fun, open and honest support from booking to birth which means you get so much more than just a course!

The benefits of my course really are endless. Not only in preparing for labour, birth and the postnatal days but having a calm and joyful birth is likely to result in a calmer baby, calmer parents and a much more relaxed transition into life with your new baby. Who doesn't want that?!

Here is what Megan and Nate said: 

"The course has totally turned around our feelings of uncertainty and anxiety as first time parents to ones of total excitement and joy. We feel so informed and prepared and cannot wait to meet our little girl thank you Kez for all your ongoing support"

What is Hypnobirthing?

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Often misunderstood, hypnobirthing is less "hippy" and more logical than you may think! At it's core, hypnobirthing is understanding and harnessing the powerful bond between the mind and body. It's science.

To give birth comfortably and more easily, our body must be relaxed and at ease, for our body to be relaxed and at ease, our mind must first be relaxed and at ease. We cannot have one without the other.


Hypnobirthing provided expectant parents with a practical set of tools and techniques that should be practiced in pregnancy and used during labour and birth to keep the mind and body relaxed. 

From breathing and relaxation techniques to creating and preparing a safe birth space. Including physical movements and positions that promote an optimal position in the pelvis for your baby, methods for navigating changes that may arise along the way and confidence for you and your birth partner to communicate your needs and wishes with your care providers. Hypnobirthing is also about the physical body during birth. What is happening? How does it work? What is your baby doing to help? How can I help labour rather than disturb and resist it?

These skills enable you to remain in control, calm and in a positive mindset throughout the process no matter the path your birthing takes.


We don't get taught about the biology or mechanics of birth in school (sure, sex education is covered, but not what happens next...) and this understanding of how it all works is vital to give us confidence in ourselves and our powerful birthing body

"But what about if things don't go to plan?"

When special circumstances arise that can't be planned for, this skillset comes into play even more! Knowing how to navigate any changes, make decisions about your care that feel right for you and your baby and working with your birth team to stay in control, calm and positive is made possible with your hypnobirthing tool kit! You will be able to remove fear and panic, relax your mind and body and draw of everything you have learned on the course to move forwards confidently and calmly towards your beautiful birth.


Here is what Marnie said: 

"Absolutely loved the hypnobirthing course with Kez. So educational and so many practical strategies to prepare me for a positive calm birth. Highly recommend for any expecting mum that really wants to be in the know and control of their birthing experience"





Here's what we know the benefits of hypnobirthing are:

  • Proven to ​decrease the need for pain relief in labour

  • Labour can be up to 3 hours shorter

  • Can increase spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Proven to reduce stress hormones

  • Proven to reduce intervention 

  • Proven to reduce the chance of cesarean births

  • Birth partners say it helps them to feel prepared and aware of their role in birth

  • When assisted or cesarean births are necessary, hypnobirthing is known to reduce complications and speed up recovery and surgery time


Most importantly, when you feel ready! Generally between 20 and 30 weeks and ideally no later than 34 weeks of pregnancy. 

**However** I know that there are lots of people (like myself!) who stumble upon hypnobirthing quite late in pregnancy! Luckily, if that's you, I've got you covered, let me know when you are due and we can work together to make sure you are set and ready.

Here is what Fleur & Guy said:

"Kezia has really helped us to prepare for the birth of our second baby. We wanted something bespoke and that fitted in around our busy lives with a toddler, and Kezia was incredibly accommodating and created a bespoke programme for us that covered everything we need. Thank you Kezia! Highly recommend!"

Does hypnobirthing work?

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When should I start Hypnobirthing?

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About Me

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Kezia Godfrey

Qualified Hypnobirthing Instructor and Antenatal Practitioner


I'm Kez. 

Mum, wife, friend, eco-geek and general good egg.

Passionate, fun, honest and driven to serve the community and make a positive and powerful difference.


I'm an antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher practitioner, working with families to guide them towards an amazing experience on their baby's birth day. I LOVE what I do and feel so honoured and proud to be a part of peoples intimate and vulnerable journey into parenthood, whether its their first or their 10th baby, every singe birth is beautiful and special.


I suffered with Tokophobia (fear of birth) in my pregnancy. My mental health suffered immensely and I found myself in a dark place for the first few months of our pregnancy. It wasn't until I discovered hypnobirthing that I realised that I didn't have to continue feeling this way.  We booked a full course. We listened. We learned. We watched. We practiced. We asked and we realised... this is exciting! We can do this and my body is absolutely bossing it! My fears were born from lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown and loss of control. The course changed everything for us.

My birth didn't go as we had hoped but we were prepared for everything that came our way as it unfolded and we welcomed our little boy into the world (at the very peak of a global pandemic) in a calm, peaceful and truly memorable way. These are memories we will cherish forever.


That's when I realised how badly we needed to know all this stuff! We used every tool, every technique and we were so aware of what my body was doing, how to communicate with the midwives and how to navigate the changes that we didn't see coming.

So here I am, with my accredited course, lived experience and oodles of families taught, ready to welcome you with open arms when you are ready to take control and embrace the journey you're on. 


Kez X


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Wallingford, Oxfordshire

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